My dog was barking outside, and when I went out there to bring him in, there was another dog barking. And maybe they were doing the Twilight Bark and I just ruined the message and now there’s lost puppies who won’t ever be found.


Hijab fashion Illustrations

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“I love you more than my own skin.”Frida Kahlo
عِندَمآ أحَببتُكِ؛ أحْببتُ مْدينَة تَسكُنيها، أحَببتُ حُروفَ إسمُكِ، صَوتكِ، ضَحكتُكِ، أحَببتُكِ أنتِ و كَل مْآيتَعلقُ بكِ.
When I loved you; I loved the city that you lived in, I loved the spelling of your name, your voice, your laugh, I loved you and everything about you.
by Samir Giad (via pimpmyycamel)

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